Kerry Matuszewski, Springfield, Vermont

This is the father of Scott Matuszewski my ex-boyfriend who is also posted on this site. Kerry has been sponging off and still living in his now 87 yr old mother’s home along with his abusive son Scott. They are both waiting for her to die so they can obtain all her money and sell the house. Kerry is a Narcissist who preys on younger women who have good jobs or lots of money. He loves to spend but not work…he is a smoking insulin type diabetic and a morphine addict. He loves to run up credit cards especially someone elses. He and his son Scott are both in credit card debt in the thousands. They love to frequent the internet dating sites looking for women they can charm and talk into moving into their home. Kerry like to lie on the dating sites saying that he does not smoke and that he looks only in his forties..he chain smokes and looks all of his 63 yrs. and more…Once you move in you will be pressed to help pay the bills…you will be expected to pay rent and cook…clean…run errands and do whatever else they need..if you don’t comply to their wishes they will make your life a living h**l…they love to fight and argue with one another over just about anything…Kerry is materialistic and loves to just buy things and hoard them away…he runs tv..lamps…everything 24/7..runs up the bills but wants you to pay them..wants to be kept in luxury..has to have the best vehicles…brand names..etc….stays up all night..sleeps all day..usually so drugged out by 11am that he can’t stay awake even long enough to read the mail…he treats his mother like garbage..yells at her..controls who visits her..what they say..what she can say….this is one psycho household…LADIES OF SPRINGFIELD VERMONT..BEWARE!! AVOID WHAT I CALL THE HOUSE OF DREAD AND NEGATIVITY…SITS ON MINERAL AND GROVE STREETS…ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!


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