Kenneth Chloe

I knew that Kenny was married. I found out that his wife’s name is Tamara – car registration. He told me that he was no longer interested in his wife. just there because of his daughters. So I started spending time with him. He also chased after me like a little lost dog..called me often. Kenneth Chloe is a greater talker and listener and can eat some p***y (he has a slight erectile problem-he thinks I don’t know.) Yes, I enjoyed the talks, the money he spent on me and his time, although he seemed to always leave me and go home to his wife. What I didn’t like was that he told me that he would leave his wife once he got some things in order. That I was his soul-mate. But, he has still not left his wife. We have been dating for some time now but he still seems to go home at night. I found out that I was not the only one he is doing all of this with. He deals with a few women, including his wife, at the same time. Steer clear of Kenneth unless you want your heart broken and wasted time on someone that will not date you exclusively. I’m not giving up without a fight, at the least I want a few more things from his pockets. He drives a white Toyota Tundra


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