Kelsey Whitehouse, Greensboro, North Carolina

Kelsey worked with my husband. They started talking, especially about our new baby who was 8ms old at the time. She wasted NO TIME telling him that s*x life after having children goes down so he should make her his “helping hand”. It got to the point that they would take lunch breaks together to go have s*x. Once I found out about her she tried to play it off “he told me you two were separated!” Within two days she went from blaming him lying to her to “you’re fat and can’t handle a man like him but I can so he’s mine and we will raise your baby together.” He left me for her and the first week I had her arrested at work for harassment. All she did was text me to boast about how great he was to her and how I’m a stupid b***h. After that she went to his family members asking them to support her as his new girlfriend and forget about me. Their relationship lasted all of 3 weeks before she found another married man at their work to screw she likes the thrill of the forbidden. She’s an alcoholic and even had a breathalyzer to start her car.


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