Kelly Lapoint, Marriottsville, Maryland

So, she slept with someone else boyfriend while she has her own boyfriend. Then she breaks up with her boyfriend for doing sketchy stuff gets a new boyfriend and is still cheating on him with someone else boyfriend. This girl wants to show her b***s and body to the world. Temps the c**p out of men and then dumps guys for doing what she does.


2 thoughts on “Kelly Lapoint, Marriottsville, Maryland

  1. Whoever did this needs to delete this defamatory post. It is not true and you are even using a photo of me that doesn’t belong to you. I will seek legal action if I find out who you are. You deleted the one that you put on another website, probably because you felt guilty about lying about someone.

  2. My boyfriend and I had some issues a few years back, during that time he cheated on me with Kelly. We fixed our problems and moved on. We have since then started a family. Despite the fact that he ignores her texts, phone call, and other forms of contact she continues to send him naked pictures and attempts to seduce him. I have confronted her on this front and she is a coward that does not respond to those attempts. I know that my boyfriend is not the only one she is doing this with, she has mentioned other men in the same situation as him saying it’s their fault she didn’t know they were taken. It is there fault they cheated on their partners with her. They should be able to keep their p***s in their pants, but she goes so far out of her way to seduce them trying to get them to leave their partners for her. She is a home wrecker and if she is friends with your boyfriend you better be worried, because she is sending him naked pictures and asking him to have s*x with her. She has no morals or ethics. Be very careful with this girl.

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