Kelly Fox, Orlando, Florida

This old hag’s name is Kelly Fox from Orlando FL. Sure, she may look innocent, but she is an immoral s***k. She is pushing 50 and went after a much younger married father of two small kids. She KNEW he was married and had kids. Now obviously the man is 100% responsible for this affair, but it would not have happened if she didn’t take advantage of his situation and dig her claws in. She pried into his personal life and when she found out he had some issues with his marriage she took full advantage of the situation and told him if he’s so unhappy then he should be with her, she could make him happy. Instead of, I don’t know, being a decent woman and suggesting he talk to his wife about his issues or seek counseling. But nope, she wanted to steal him away instead. I suppose he made her feel young, and not like the old lady she is while going through menopause. She is completely full of herself, calls herself “Princess” and thinks shes hot s**t because shes a manager for Victoria’s Secret. Totally high maintenance and spoiled. Thinks she’s entitled to another womans man. Can’t even raise her own daughter, who is up all night doing drugs and talking to her boyfriend and is too wasted to get up for school in the morning. Nice example she’s setting, going after a married man (when she’s still legally married herself). She is a horrible person hiding behind fake nails and high heels. She was confronted by his wife via phone call and text and told to leave him alone, and she said NO and still went on and tried to ruin the marriage. She is a pathetic excuse for a woman and goes to further the stereotype of the women that work for Victoria’s Secret. Sad that they hire people like this. She is nothing but a s**t stain left after he realized what a horrible mistake he made with this trash who thinks she’s class and begged his wife for forgiveness. Her name and picture needs to be posted not only to warn other people, because she WILL do it again, but also Victoria’s Secret needs to know what kind of people they have in their management. Actions have consequences. She needs to live with what she did. Just because her first marriage failed after 20 years doesn’t give her the right to try and ruin someone else’s. Especially a couple who has been married 10 years with 2 small kids at home. Who does she think she is??? She is a w***e with no values and no morals. Only thinks about herself and getting what she wants. She is selfish, fake, and pathetic. She is no woman. She is no princess.


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