KC Shuma, Naperville, Illinois

This disgusting acne ridden creature is KC Shuma of Naperville, Illinois. This white trash hoe bag has had more c*ck trains run on her than Jenna Jameson. She is a two bit w***e who has no respect for other peoples relationships. She threw herself at an engaged man because she’s so desperate for attention, she’d hop on anything with a pulse. She knew from day one that he was ABOUT to be married but she didn’t care. All she wanted was to get in his pants. She’s an ugly dumb b***h and deserves to burn in h**l like the monster she is. She has been a w***e her entire life but I guess it wasn’t quite enough for her to only mess with single dudes and chicks. Her ex-husband left her for one of their girlfriends after she continuously invited other women into her bed. She tells people that she was cheated on behind her back and that’s her excuse for f*****g with a married dude when it’s the furthest thing from the truth. She even brags to anyone that will listen about how she f****d this guy on his wedding day! She says she likes the thrill of being with men that aren’t available because when they do stuff with her she feels like she “wins” and its all a game to her. She has no self worth and obviously, low self-esteem. This nasty loose b***h thinks shes gods greatest gift to men. She’s a skanky, s**t with a loose v****a and a smelly, pimply ridden one at that. It has also come to my attention that it is a regular practice of this SHAMELESS HEATHEN to go out and get sloppy drunk and spread her legs to service any man/woman who is drunk enough to lower their standards to white trash. Not only is she a lost soul, she bottom feeds off men and women like a maggot. She’ll do anything for a drink. She uses guys to pay for anything she can. She hates her job teaching at Oswego High School and her friends but she uses them all so she can pay for her life. KC loves nothing and no one other than herself. This girl is dirty and trailer park trash to a T. So ladies you better keep an eye on your husbands and boyfriends and men keep an eye on your wives and girlfriends because apparently she does this a lot. She is a disgusting example of a human being and she deserves nothing but misery for the rest of her life.


One thought on “KC Shuma, Naperville, Illinois

  1. June 6, 2018 at 1:28 PM
    This b***h has been cheating on her new woman with her Pepsi dealer. She started a candle making business, KC’s Kandles, as a way for her to meet unsuspecting men and woman to screw and screw over at local fairs. This guy has no car, no place to live, and no job. All he has is Pepsi, weed, ecstasy, and pain killers. In other words he’s got what she wants so she let him move in with her. Last a week she had a miscarriage from all the drugs and booze. She was several weeks late for her period and thought she might be pregnant, but refused to find out for sure. Instead she decided to party hard every day doing Pepsi, Vicodin, drinking cheap vodka, fireball, and RumChata. She might be trying to get pregnant to trap someone. She will have s*x with anyone and even let guys come over to have s*x if they help pay her utilities, rent, groceries, clothes, candle making supplies, drugs, alcohol etc… Won’t even make guys put a condom on either.

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