Kayla Pavlich, Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania, USA

Kayla Pavlich from Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania is not only a confirmed cheater, but she is also another type of individual. She is also a racist and a skin color bigot who is against African-American men or Black men in particular because she hates their skin color and the type of skin that they have. This hatred against them has extended itself in her disqualifying these men from having any serious relationship with her because she detests their skin color. The racist poisoned mind of Kayla Pavlich from Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania must be exposed so that she is fully condemned and fully denounced for being who she is. Racists and Bigots believe they can get away with their hate not being revealed but this post is here to expose this stomach-turning, repulsive, appalling, nauseating, gruesome, ghastly, and putrid skin color prejudiced woman known as Kayla Pavlich from Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania and the evil nastiness of racist hate and racist malice found inside of her.


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