Kavita Subance, San Fernando, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago

Kavita Subance is a corrupt Trinidadian woman in Trinidad and Tobago who is full of deceit, lies, and malicious ways. This wicked woman who is of East Indian descent is known for her deception and falsehood. She has been known to set up false accusations against others if she dislikes them all with the goal of causing conflict, disunity, strife, and contention with the parties who may be involved. In addition to her rotten and obnoxious ways she is a cheater who tries to camouflage and bury the fact that she has been involved in cheating secretly behind the backs of others whom she think would not notice this but someone close to her has noticed it and the poster of this report is the one who is exposing this now. This atrocious woman with her shocking and outrageous ways thinks that she will never be exposed and will get away with all that she has done but what is in the dark has to come into the light and the light of this report now exposes how corrupt Kavita Subance has been all along and how corrupt she continues on to be.


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