Kathryn M. Kosmides

I dated Kathryn M. Kosmides formerly Megan Kosmides for approximately a year and a half. During that time she had s*x with two of her co-workers (Johnny A. Dolan at Ruby Seven Studios and Daniel E. Gardner at SummitSync / Pinkaloo) that I know of while we were dating and continued to lead several others on. On top of all this, I relocated her from Reno, Nevada to an apartment in the UWS in NYC to help jump-start her career. After about 6 months in NYC, she started having an affair with another co-worker who also supposedly had a girlfriend as well and attempted to kick me out of the apartment I paid for and was the guarantor of the lease. Ultimately, leaving me homeless for two weeks as she threatened to call the cops and threw all my stuff out in the lobby of our building in an attempt to use domestic violence loopholes. Moreover, Kathryn and her mother Katie Kosmides fabricated stories of abuse and lies amongst my professional colleagues and peers in order to justify Kathryn’s continued infidelity.

With any unstable person the highs are high and the lows are low but her manic outburst, poor logic, and troubled upbringing which includes sexual abuse and neglect make it very difficult to be in a healthy or productive relationship due to the underlying trauma.

Proceed with caution, she’s cold as ice.

2 thoughts on “Kathryn M. Kosmides

  1. Shame on you for trying to destroy your ex’s reputation just because she dumped you, Derek Sine. I read the New York Post article and I hope she wins her lawsuit against you. How come you don’t even have the guts to use your name? Jerk.

  2. Do your research, Nina. This lawsuit isn’t even real and Derek has yet to been served. Kathryn hired C.A. Goldberg an opportunistic #MeToo firm that attempted to extort Derek for an additional $200,000. They have a full time media coordinator who got the placement. The bottom line is Kathryn had two affairs while dating Derek and then spun a story full of lies in order for her to stay in Derek’s UWS apartment and save face amongst their professional community. Kathryn has been using this story of abuse to raise money for her startup Garbo.io and has used it to get sympathy amongst her peers. Kathryn is no stranger to telling lies. During this time Kathryn as acting CMO completely lied about all her company SummitSync’s user download data in order to raise more money prior to their pivot into a CRM and has accused several people of abuse including rape prior to Derek.

    If you have questions Derek has been very accessible and is in the middle of building a case against Kathryn and her mother Katie.

    Kathryn’s trash and a major fraud.

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