KATE BRANNAN Middletown, New York

This old, pruned skanky s**t sleeps with married men. She is constantly trolling gun clubs and art shows to find married men to sleep with. One conversation with this b***h and you know she is out with the fairies and not in reality. She’s old as h**l with haggard gray hair. I give her credit for even finding anyone willing to sleep with her old skanky a*s! Gross!


32 thoughts on “KATE BRANNAN Middletown, New York

  1. Wow I think this lady is very involved at New Prospect Church in Pine Bush, NY, which is crazy because she is constantly trying to f**k married men. I would never go to a church with s***s like this!

  2. I’ve seen this one around. She’s part of Airpirates and plays the piano at New Prospect church in Pine Bush. She is always flirting with the men. She is pretty out there too. Very redneck. Likes the macho men from gun clubs. Stay away. Bad news.

  3. I know this one. She’s very careless and selfish. A lot of broken homes have happened from her. Stay way. She’s not all with it. She’s the one on the right with the gray hair in the picture. courtesy of Air Pirates.

  4. OMG. I know her. She is the Office Manager at Mansfield Commercial Property in Goshen, NY. She answers the phone.

    I can’t believe she is doing this when she has daughters of her own. What a horrible example to set and what a bad person in life.

  5. Ew. Can’t believe that she works with Air Pirates Radio Theatre, from Sugarloaf, NY. Paul Ellis wouldn’t be happy to know this. She comes across as a ditz when you meet her, too. She really is such a s**t. I wouldn’t want to work or live anywhere near her. She is a classless w***e.

  6. Hate to admit it but I’ve known her for years. She always has men come around her house late at night for coffee or a drink. She acts innocent and clueless, but really she’s embarrassing. A real sneaky s**t. I wouldn’t want to be her neighbor, and I bet they’ve seen (and heard) more than they bargained for.

  7. I know her too. She does this all the time. She’s always calling/emailing the men from her job, and having them come visit her while she’s at work and church practice. Disgusting. I wouldn’t work with her. She’s a s**t and she’s fooling no one.

  8. What a b***h!! I don’t even know where to begin with her! She always has a different guy every week! She’s always out scouting for new men: gun clubs, churches, coffee shops, concerts, art shows…throwing herself all over men. HER DAUGHTERS WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH HER SHE IS SO EMBARRASSING!


  9. Funny that no one is condemning the scumbag married men. Get over your s****y double standards, get lives, and straighten out your own s**t before condemning people. The men involved are worse, they are married and cheating on their wives and children. They are the bad ones here. You all can take your manufactured outrage and f**k yourselves in the a*s. Kate is a good person and a friend. I bet some dirt could be dug up about all of you, so shut up before your skeletons pop out of the closet.

    1. I agree. They are both at fault. That does not take Kate out of the equation. She should know what she is getting involved with before she does. How dumb and ditzy can you be? There are hurt people because of this. And all she cared about was herself. TYPICAL S**T.

  10. Wow! I don’t personally know this home wrecker but damnnn she needs to not be f*****g married people. That’s some white trash bullshit right there

  11. Brian is right. The men are way more at fault than Kate. The men are the ones that took an oath to their wives and are cheating. It’s not Kate’s fault she’s only attracted to married men. Some women prefer married men. Each to her own.

  12. Fully agree with Brian I’ve known her for years and none of this is true! And even if it was again who is married? The men! Not her so obviously they can’t be trusted and someone needs to devorce them because their too insecure about themselves! Haha but it was a good try and to try and convince people she knows! The person starting all of this is a cold hearted ruthless piece of S**t for first off even trying to make a fake profile of a dead guy on face book under the name of Tony silver and trying to add all her friends and tell them about this page! This person should embarrased for trying to think that her friends and family would even try to beleive this! You may want to go see why your so insecure and think why your husband would want to cheat on u! I know I would cuz ur crazy as h**l!

  13. Yeah Brian is right. The men are the scumbags. They are the one’s cheating on their wives and kids. Plus some women are only attracted to married men. It’s just a personal preference. Each to her own.

  14. Men are scumbags. But Kate played her part. How do you get involved and NOT know? Seriously. How dumb and selfish can you be? She hurt lots of families. TYPICAL CARELESS S**T.


    A S**T IS A S**T IS A S**T.

  16. I go to church with Kate and I am a friend. She has been nice to me, but she is always flirty. I hope no one judges me based on her frivolous ways. Going after married men is despicable. It’s not just the man’s responsibility. I couldn’t live with myself knowing I did this if I was her. I can’t defend anyone who does this. Kate Brannan is very hurtful. My heart goes out to her daughters. G*d bless them.

  17. Yeah, no one is saying how wonderful she is, just that she had an accomplice. Guilty as charged. Self-serving people act like this. Moral of this story: know who you sleep with. And by by that I mean more than just a name.
    This is how you become a s**t.

  18. You all are f*****g insane. There is nothing even remotely acceptable about sleeping with married men. I mean seriously what is this b***h spreading her legs and these married men are accidentally falling in and then bounce?!? There are no excuses for anyone to behave like this.

  19. Jessika, if what you say is true, then why isn’t anyone defending her? Obviously her family and friends are in agreement with her despicable behavior. Who cares how they found out? They have known for years. You don’t just become a s**t overnight.
    I feel sorry for Kate, really. Everyone knows of her classless ways, it’s just that no one wants to be associated with it. Just the simple fact that I know who she is and where she works and that’s enough for me to stay away.

  20. The married man she is sleeping with is also banging at least two other women I know about. One is named Mary and another may be his wife, but I think she refused his attempts because she knows he’s banging tons of women at the same time he tries to sleep with her. Hate to say it, but Kate should go get herself checked for STDs.

  21. I am a member of the Walden Sportsman Club in Walden, New York and everyone knows that Philip Martin cheated on his wife with Kate Brannan.

  22. Phil Martin… That old geezer?!? He’s nearing 70 and trying to sleep with anyone he can get. Phil’s old nasty a*s is spreading STDs around the Hudson Valley.

  23. Last time I checked Phil Martin of Pine Bush, NY was having an affair with Mary Harjes of Pine Bush, NY. That was going on since 2005. I guess Phil wasn’t satisfied with one w***e and went out to find himself another s**t. This one is definitely a step down.

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