Kat Maheswaran / Kathambha Maheswaran. 6 Chris court espendale garden Melbourne Australia

Her name Is kat Maheswaran she lost her virginity at the age of 15 in the park near werribee train station how f****d up is that, you sit down with her for 10 mins she yur headjob is guaranteed. She sucked off that many guys that I lost counting let’s put it this way every single guy in the town got multi head jobs from and their friend too my bad forgot to mention that. she doesn’t even have a look the only way she gets closer to guys just suck them off, if yur ever in the town fell like copping a free head job make sure you stop @ 6 Chris court espendale garden, Victoria AUSTRALIA



7 thoughts on “Kat Maheswaran / Kathambha Maheswaran. 6 Chris court espendale garden Melbourne Australia

  1. Does that mean you’re one of the filthy guys who copped a headjob from her too? We’re you that low or did she f**k you off and now you’re upset you can’t get anything from her and you’re here to make your sad pitty pleads?? Must be very sad if you had to travel all the way from America to Australia to get ssomethingLol

  2. This post needs to be removed asap or I will be taking serious legal action against this. Not to mention for allowing posts of someone’s full name and full home address, I’m pretty sure that breaches some legal conditions when exposing private information about someone and their exact location on where they live ???????? Get f****d.

  3. “We do not edit any reports, except in some cases of vulgar language”
    Profanity, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “an offensive word” or “offensive language”. It is also called bad language, strong language, coarse language, foul language, bad words, vulgar language, lewd language, swearing, cursing, cussing, or using expletives
    In relation to the report indicated in: Kat Maheswaran / Kathambha Maheswaran. 6 Chris court espendale garden Melbourne Australia
    Word such as “f****d” up has been used however is that not vulgar or lewd language such as swearing, cursing, cussing or using expletives? That term was not edited however the report also states that “…you sit down with her for 10 mins she yur headjob is guaranteed…” is that not cursing an individual?
    As stated in your policies you have also mentioned that “…We do not change any words when doing these edits (we may use asterisks to “bleep out” the vulgar language)…” but however have failed to use asterisks to bleep out the vulgar language. It has come to my attention that most yet all reports on your website have been failed to be monitored or read through before being approved for posting.
    You have also mentioned in your polices that “…if you communicate with the author through our site, you may be able to rectify the situation that occurred which gave the original author such a bad taste about you. This is a great way to resolve the reporter’s issue(s) and come to a solution…”
    What solution to you think could arise from contacting the original author who has admitted to making the post but if you cannot remove the post, it does not make any different. No positive vibe comes through from contacting the author or making comments on the post as it does not change or remove what has been written. So once again, I do believe you have failed with your words.
    Dot Point 3: “The Laws You Need To Know – Defamation & The Communications Decency Act”
    As stated on “Wikipedia” (not to mention how great and liable this site is with contact editing allowances…..” It states rules and cases in regards to the Defamation & The Communications Decency Act. According to “Wikipedia” there is a clause about: Sexually Explicit Content and Minors. In relation to the report “Kat Maheswaran / Kathambha Maheswaran. 6 Chris court espendale garden Melbourne Australia”; “….Her name Is kat Maheswaran she lost her virginity at the age of 15 in the park ….” Does this not revel sexually explicit content about a minor? Or have you once again failed to comply with your standards and with the Act. Is it not exposing explicit content or a minor , in the jurisdiction of Australia, a minor is under the age of 18 and you have not only allowed sexually explicit content about “lost her virginity” but have also disclosed the residential address of a minor.

    Dot Point 5: “Request for removal of report, comment, post and/or topic by original author.”
    Indicates the request of removal from author however in your clause you have listed that “The other reasons can be read under “Section 2” of this page.”… there is no section 2 on your site nor does it state anywhere else about the other reasons. So once again you have failed to comply by your policies and standards on your website.

    In conclusion this website is just a load of bullshit with a bullshit act from Wikipedia trying to save and cover your a*s when you do not see the complications that you have created for yourselves through multiple contradicting claims and acts that are meant to correlate to your policy. Whether you remove the post or not, I will be having my attorney’s set you straight for your false advertising of your legal remedies and policies and procedures.

  4. This w***e thinks shes hot s**t but she really just gets passed around whatever ship shes on. She dumb as the box of condoms. shes violently abusive and delusional.

  5. I am so sorry Kat to post all this rubbish about you. I was just so upset when you found out I was cheating on you with my wife. I know you’re hurt more than anything but I didn’t mean too say all these hurtful words. I guess my green card and visa was way more important and valuable then your endless Headjobs. But hey no one can ever beat you. You will always be my head job machine Xoxoxox

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