Karla Elaine Carroll Goodview, Minnesota

This woman is nothing but trash she will lie to you, steal from you, and cheat on you every chance she is given. I was with Karla for nearly a year. When I first met her she was going through a divorce. All she could talk about was how horrible she was treated by her husband Edward Lee Weymark. I soon discovered that she had cheated on her husband with at least two men Bradley Dale Chamberlain of Chehalis, Washington and Justin Christiansen of Hoodsport, Washington. I could tell real quick her husband was not the problem. I got engaged to Karla and I moved from Washington to Minnesota with her. I soon discovered that she was a lying w***e. Karla has never worked a day in her life. She has always had two rich parents that gave her whatever she wanted. She lives in a house bought by mommy, drives a car bought by mommy, all of her utilities are paid by mommy. All she does is sit on Facebook, play games, and look for guys to sleep with. She has no life or no direction whatsoever. I finally quit caring about the relationship when I discovered that she was on an app called”Blendr” under the name “Pshaaw” After going through the app I discovered that she had hooked up with and slept with 15 guys in a three month period. Karla has been married 3 times each marriage ends with a Restraining order as she accused each husband of domestic abuse. Karla lives at 4719 W. 5th Street Goodview, Minnesota 55987 stay away from her men!! You will live to regret it. Her mother is just as bad as she is.


10 thoughts on “Karla Elaine Carroll Goodview, Minnesota

  1. It’s funny. Bo has started all these slanderous comments when he himself is the lying cheat. I had to get the police involved because of his violence and abuse. Thank g*d I have since married a caring, loving man who treats me with the utmost of respect.

  2. This was written by Bo Dana Rupert, a jealous boy who was violent and abuaive to Karla. He cheated on her with men he met on Facebook and Craigslist while she was in the hospital having lifesaving surgery. Bo sponged off her for months and never even got off his lazy a*s to look for a job. He used her for everything he could get. If you have sexual contact with Bo please get checked for STD’s. He has unprotected s*x with men and women.

  3. I’ve known karla for years. This article is pure bullshit written by a boy who wishes to be a man. Grow up Bo Rupert and move on.

  4. Well I was married to Karla for 4 years and I can personally say that this is totally true. Karla does nothing but lead men on and use them. She doesn’t love anyone. Bo was a great man to her and treated her very well. He would have moved heaven and earth to help her.

    1. if you were really Ed, you would know how many years you were married. obviously this is bo rupert. as always, pretending to be someone else to boost your credibility.

  5. Bo went out with my sister. He is complete trash. He was in and out of jail for domestic violence and intimidation of my sister. I’m glad she got away from Bo she would’ve ended up dead from his violent and psychotic behavior. He stole from her with boys he met at the library in Centralia Bo will insist he isn’t gay while secretly viewing gay p**n and visiting gay websites. Stay away from Bo Dana Rupert of Coffeyville, Kansas. He will give you an STD at the least.

  6. I’ve known Bo all his life. He’s nothing but trouble. I tried my best to guide him but he turned out to be a liar and a thief. He uses women and men for s*x and money. When the money runs out he moves on to the next victim. Please people, stay clear of Bo Dana Rupert. You’ll end up broke and cast off like old socks.

  7. Bo has always been a lying thieving piece of s**t. He’s stolen from his family and been abusive with his mother. He needs to be committed to a mental facility.

  8. Bo was my boyfriend for a short time. The whole time he drank to excess and smoked like a train all on my dime. He cheated on me multiple times – the last time with a teenage boy. I called it off after that. He was incarcerated when I left. It was safer because he is very abusive and violent. I urge you not to get in a relationship with him. You’ll regret it when he posts lies and photos online about you. I know his ex-fiancée Karla and she’s a sweetheart. Bo used her and was very abusive to her.

  9. Kind of ironic. Look up Winona county Minnesota jail custody and you’ll see Bo Rupert is serving time for stalking Karla. Seems like we know who’s lying in this situation. Hopefully this will show that punk became abuse women. Maybe he will stop his behavior, finish his GED and make something of himself. Doubtful LOL!!!

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