Karl Bartholomew, Merced, California

This man trolls the internet Craigslist and other sites ,claims to be separated from his wife who left him for a younger man . divorce in process ..lives alone with kids …and actually has the nerve to claim he is a Christian ..however he is far from that . His entire story was a lie ,sadly right there on facebook is family pic with his wife 2 days earlier ..the loving Christian couple . Hes a liar ,a cheater ,and heartless when confronted he claimed they were only roommates no s*x as if i would believe that and then after months of talking everyday and much intimacy just said hope i didnt mess u up too much …christian … I dont think so . you used me and for what ? S*x .. he drove 6 hrs to get laid all the while claiming to his wife going to visit his kid at a Christian college . your a sick sad and psycho individual . F**k your wife Karl …and leave everyone else alone ….


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