Karen Hollander, Wisconsin

Don’t date this crazy b***h. She is from Wisconsin and can be found on singleparent.com, avoid her at all costs. She is obsessive and totally nuts. She is so determined to be in a relationship she will tell you anything you want to hear and make herself sound like she is a stable and wonderful person that is a great mother. What she really is; is a liar and a cheater. The whole time we dated, she was texting, sexting, emailing and calling other guys. She was saying how she loved me and wanted to marry me but she is so full of s**t. She made me fix her house, pay for things and never got anything back in return but heartache. I figured something was up so checked her phone and found out about these other relationships. She is ruining lives and especially her 2 daughter’s lives. She is a w***e! The pathetic thing is I thought she was a wonderful person until I met the real her, then she turned ugly. Take a good look at her. Stupid elf ears, her eyes don’t even match up and her bottom teeth are so crocked and a mess. She says she has morals and surrounds herself with people that are good like her, that is c**p. If her friends only knew what she said about them behind their back, especially her two lesbian friends. Though I am sure they are tired of hearing all about her men in her life and her depression. She doesn’t have depression, she is just f****d up. I wasted a whole year on this b***h. Then when I want to dump her sorry a*s, she won’t stop texting and calling. This one is really psycho. H**l when it comes down to it, she was good at sexting but f*****g her was terrible! Harry, Joe and Bernie, we all dogged a bullet there. How you like me now Karen?


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