Karen Deslippe

Casino Windsor waitress who’s also a scumbag c** bucket. Prefers married men. Won’t screw them until the wife kicks them out. Prefers “friendship” while enjoying the constant attention and financial percs that come with it. As she slowly erodes away the husbands family, she degrades the wife, encouraging the husband to leave. Once he leaves or gets thrown out, she will begin the sexual stuff – if necessary. If her sick needs are still being met without getting on her knees then she won’t bother. She’s destroyed at least 3 marriages at the casino and that’s those I’ve heard of. She’s a drug-addicted psycho tattooed homewrecking bimbo – a few babies all by different fathers – a real trashy s*** who selfishly destroys families and lives because hers is so pathetic and s****y. But hey! At least she has nice silicone t*** (who cares if the kids have what they need, right?)


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