Kanise Guenier Dykes, Greensboro, North Carolina

This w***e kanise or kiki (fat b***h in blue) as she is called is a disgusting w***e. She is stalking my brother and sister-in-law through my other family members with the help of her puppet master best friend Karisma on fb. He used to have s*x with her until 2010, that’s all. Then he decided that he wanted to settle down and have kids so he stopped having s*x with her and in 2012 found my sister-in-law. The w***e then began having s*x with her “brother” and had the baby she is holding in the pic in May 2012. In July of 2012 after my brother proposed and announced it to the world this w***e and her bottom-feeder friend tried everything thing they could do to tear them apart. It didn’t work, they got married in September of 2014. But now the w***e is back as of December 2015. She’s stalking my brother through our family. The w***e kanise contacted my dad on fb and her fat a*s friend contacted my cousin on YouTube. The w***e is desperate. She has two kids by her “brother”. He won’t marry her, she is his personal c*m receptacle, they live in squalor in his mother’s overcrowded house because they got evicted from the apartment they had in the ghetto. He won’t get a job and her job paid peanuts before she got fired. Now she wants to break up my brother’s happy home simply because they are happy. LISTEN UP KANISE & KARISMA, MY BROTHER IS HAPPILY MARRIED. HE AND HIS WIFE HAVE A CHILD AND ANOTHER DUE IN JULY. LEAVE THEM ALONE. LEAVE ALL OF MY FAMILY THEE £UCK ALONE. MY SISTER-IN-LAW IS MY FAMILY, YOU NEVER WAS. YOU GOT £UCKED YOU W***E, YOU GOT IN YOUR FEELINGS WHEN YOU STALKED MY BROTHER ON TWITTER AND SAW HOW MUCH HE LOVED HIS WIFE, YOU ARE JEALOUS OF HER BECAUSE SHE’S A WIFE AND YOU’RE STILL A FAT UGLY POP. I feel sorry for your mother kanise, you are an embarrassment to women and you deserve all of the misery that your fat-sloppy-a*s is wallowing in.


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