Kandis Gosser, Fisher, Illinois

Kandis Gosser is one of a kind. Cheated on all her Exs, down so well she now believes her own lies. Can’t keep a job. She has friends “fake” references to help her to get a new one. Loves to get married men in her web, then when they leave their family and commit to her she shows her true self little by little. This woman was caught before she even started. I saw her while looking around on plenty of fish. Over a five day time frame she had a total of I believe 6 accounts stating 4 different cities about 60 miles apart from eachother. They kept being removed within a day. Once we finally started talking one was deleted then another we talked for several hours. She gave me her full name and some information. Within about 10 minutes of searching I found she was inface engaged recently not single for a year as stated. She was saying she was moving to Bourbonnais IL for work from Fisher. I talked to a woman who had a fair amount of knowledge about Kandis and had posted pictures of her including a picture of her wearing an engagement ring that Kandis herself had taken and sent to people. The woman I spoke with was somewhat older and seemed to be respectful of what she was saying. It didn’t seem like she intended any harm in what she was telling me. Only that she was infact lying about things. I don’t know anything about the actual relationship/engagement other than there is one. It would seem that this woman is trying to cover her tracks hours from her home with other men. Very typical so watch yourself guys. Maybe its for money or maybe shes looking for a place to stay since she spoke of trying to move.


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  1. This is the most bogus post I’ve ever read on any website. First of all I happen to know Kandis and her family very well. She’s never dated anyone from the website referred in the post above, POF or better known as Plenty of Fish. Kandis is a valuable employee and has only had 4 full time jobs her whole life and been with each employer as long as 4-5 years. The comment above states she can’t keep a job. She’s a sweet loving young lady that wouldn’t cheat, steal or lie to anyone. She was in fact engaged for a short period of time and her and her fiance merely broke up. I hardly call that a crime and infidelity on the part of Kandis was not the reason for the break up. Whoever the irresponsible, uninformed individual who made the erroneous post above should be ashamed of themselves. This is complete rhetoric from a disgruntled troll and any perspective employer or any other person or persons conducting a background check on Miss Gosser should disregard this misinformation in full.

  2. The above post by Shawn Glavin stating Ms. Gosser is an employee is absurd. Unless of course he is sleeping with an employee considering he is engaged to Ms. Gosser

  3. Shawn Glavin you should be honest. You are also sleeping with Kandis as well as engaged to her. Like all of her previous fiances she is getting financial support from you. I have known Kandis half of my life. She has always used people especially men. You’re not the first to as you stated “support her goals” And certainly will not be the last to do so. She is notorious for partying hard with not just alcohol at shows. And hooking up with guys and women. Yes we have before in my wilder years before I have children. You are nothing more than a means to an end for her. That means you have a bank account with money for her. So she will say anything you want to hear and give you anything behind closed doors to get it.

  4. Let’s hope there’s a pre-nup. Shawn Glavin from the previous post is now Kandis Gosser’s husband. Those of us who know Kandis know she’s spun her web. She’s got her name on the money and he’s paid for her business ventures. If he’s learned anything in his many years of business he has his ducks in a row

  5. The above post by Shawn Glavin. Her boss is now her husband. Shawn with your years of business knowledge just hope there’s a pre-nup signed. She’s got her web spun and hands on your money. You’ve already given financial support for her businesses and horses that’s she’s profiting from. When the divorce comes she’ll take everything she can.

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