Justyna Zielinska, Sweden

I’ve submitted before but I didn’t write full on details. Her last name either goes by Zielinski or Zielinska. She’s a 19 year old from Sweden. Most of her social media goes by justyyay. Her name is Justyna. She’s a hoe. She acts innocent when she’s not. She pretended to be a guy just so I wouldn’t find out that my boyfriend was talking to her. We have a daughter together who is now 6 months old. She didn’t care. She didn’t care that she destroyed our little family. She didn’t go away when she supposably found out about me although, I know she knew I existed. She sent nudes to my boyfriend. She even apologized to me and was sorry that my boyfriend cheated on me. She’s a disgrace, like how can you even? She’s disgusting and a liar. She demands attention because my boyfriend stopped everything he was doing just to give her all of his time. He would even ignore our daughter for her and it makes me so sad till this day. I hope karma comes back and bites you in the a*s “Justy”. Also if you think you’ve won you haven’t. Be careful. If your partners are gamers be careful because she’s out there. She plays Tera and Minecraft. She doesn’t reveal her full identity until after. This is why you have no male friends in real life. Because they smell the BS and their s**t alert goes off. Thanks for ruining the most wonderful thing. A family. justyyay <—-that’s important because almost everything goes by that username.


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