Justine Rainville, Toronto, Ontario

Justine Rainville works at Arthur Murray Franchise Dance Studio and she dates lot of men at the same time. She tries to extort wealthy men for money by threatening them she will blast them on the internet. She will do anything she can to scam you out of every dollar possible. Watch out for her she hangs out at bars. She has a big mouth and a serious drinking problem. She is a scammer and she has scammed thousands of dollars from many men.



2 thoughts on “Justine Rainville, Toronto, Ontario

  1. for anyone reading this I have know Justine for a long time and can say with 100% confidence that this is not true and I encourage whoever posted this to take this down as this is defamation of character

  2. I will say that this is all true !! And she’s a great f**k and also top 3 BJ’s I have had !! Keep up the good work Justine !! Can’t wait till you’re back to visit again

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