Justin Elms, Arizona – He’s a woman beater

I can’t believe I let him fool me for a year! I hate this man for becoming apart of my family. He would lay with me and then go home to his wife of 18 years (he swore he wasn’t married). When I would confront him with the truth he would insult me, call me crazy, and be very very angry and defensive then project on me like I was a cheater. I just can’t understand how someone can tell so many lies and not feel bad about it! Everything must be great with him and his wife because he know posts of being married and being a father. Wander how long that facade will go on. Which I hope for his family he has seen the error in his ways!



2 thoughts on “Justin Elms, Arizona – He’s a woman beater

  1. If hes a woman beater, its good you got out and I hope his wife saw the error in his ways and got out too! G*d bless you!

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