Justin DiPilla, Gulf Breeze, Florida

My soon to be ex-husband cheated on me on and off our entire 8 year relationship by talking to other women online. He also slept with a woman two months before our wedding! When I found out he said he thought he had a mental illness, we went to counseling and I thought he changed..until a few weeks after I had a miscarriage and lost our very much wanted baby. He went out and slept with someone else AGAIN! Not being entirely clear headed from my own grief I believed him when he said it was due to mental illness and we once again did counseling and thought things were better. Until this past Febuary, roughly two years later, when I found out he went and made out with the same woman from two years ago, leaving my 6 month pregnant self and our one year old home sleeping. He has since continued to go meet up with other woman and tries to tell me they are just friends. It turns out he has cheated on every girlfriend he has ever had, he will try to tell you it is because he is bipolar or depressed or because he has not met the “one” it is a load of s**t! He walked out on me, our one-year old, and our 7 week old so he could stay at his mom and dads and met these women whenever he wants. He is extremely manipulative and cruel, and has tried to beat me down with emotional abuse for years, but I will not let me babies think this is how people live. All of the women he hangs around know the truth about him having young kids too, and they don’t care. He will try to say he is done with the talking to other women and that he has not put up a dating site, but then the next day if I put my foot down about something he will tell me he hates me and his unhappiness is my fault. Beware of the emotional manipulator/Narcissist!


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