Julian Gomez, Converse, Texas

This guy first messed with my friend, then he messed with me asking me out, telling me he loves me, wanted to raise a family, have me move in. I had no idea he also was telling my sister this at the same time. I found this out last night 1/12/13 that he did this to other girls. Cheating is one thing, cheating with your girlfriend’s sister, secretly dating both of them? Wow. He told my friend (also my sisters friend) the same thing before. All he wants is to seem like a nice guy, acting like he loves you so much that he wants you to raise a family and move in. I almost moved in and let him get me pregnant, but I am so glad I found this out. I am warning you, do NOT trust Julian Gomez. He works at H.E.B. in Universal City TX. Be careful. Also, he likes hitting girls.


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