Jose G. Ojeda Jr. Stockton, CA USA

DEADBEAT! ALCOHOLIC!!!! Stay away, as he is an abusive, manipulative man whom has 3 kids oh no UPDATE 4 kids by 4 different women.
He talks to his mother like s**t, smoked all types of drugs when we hung out, has gang ties, is an ex felon with a mouth .He is a liar, behind on child support payments and
does not have any custody WHICH HE SHOULD NOT of any of his kids, as he left each woman struggling on their own and another man to raise to his kids.
He’s local in Stockton and San Jose. He’s been around the neighborhood a few times and doesn’t use condoms.
If you have any respect for yourself turn away when you see this man, he will con you into believing he is Mr.Wonderful but never comes through on promises as his nickname is diablo, or x, or pepe……


One thought on “Jose G. Ojeda Jr. Stockton, CA USA

  1. MAKE THAT 5 AS I PARTIED WITH HIM IN THE LATE 90’S early 00’s I’ve been trying to contact this man but last I heard he went to prison.

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