Jorie Conforti

**Jorie Conforti (Internal Designer) Trinity, Fl
**Jorie Dawn Conforti
**Marjorie Conforti

I met this piece of work off of a website called POF and we didnt talk long for her to invite me to her home in Trinity, FL on Ardenwood Ct. She has a small son who she is in a huge custody battle over and she was always wanting to make me a secret from her husband. When I met her, we went straight to her bedroom and had s*x the entire night from her inside her rear end to the front of her mouth and it was quite enjoyable. When I was finished, i left and she wanted to see me more. I would come over a few times a week and I would see boxes of monostat inside of her bathroom. I was concerned because I saw a used condom in the trash next to the toilet, but it wasnt mine. I began to suspect she was having s*x with others, but I really didnt say anything about it. She was cheap and it didnt cost anything to have s*x with her, so I didnt make a stink about it. Where I had a problem was with her son and how she was inviting men into her home and how dangerous her actions became. I fear for this kids safety by inviting men she doesnt know over to her home. She advertises on POF that she is looking for a relationship, but all she wants is someone to have s*x with. I have found myself driving to her home once a week on my way to work and she has a different car each time I am there in front of her house. I have no idea how many men she is taking advantage of, but it is sickening. I took myself to the Doctor, but thank g*d she didnt give me anything. If you want a cheap lay and someone to just have for the night, this girl is it. We were supposed to be seeing each other, but I found evidence of cheating on me and I just took off and never came back. She couldnt understand why I was avoiding her, but the truth is, she is a liar and an unfaithful woman. She doesnt care about her sons safety, or her body and she is taking all she cam get from what I see. Do not approach her or even get near her because she is a poison you don’t want. She snored like a wreckless train and she cares about nothing but herself. This is a warning to each and every man from New Port Richey, to Tampa, Fl. Jorie Dawn Conforti is a user, a liar and a stalker. She is responsible for stalking my profile on POF and getting me kicked off several times. She thinks I dont know, but I get an email every time and I save them. Jorie, you are a manipulative liar who screws everything and anything and you are a nasty white trash HO who’s husband wisened up and left you.



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