Joren Jaromir Eilers Gronigen Netherlands

This man is a demon! I’m talking level 10 psycho! He’s not your everyday garden variety psycho either ladies. HE starts off real polite,educated and seems somewhat normal at first …But, BEWARE! I will tell you from 3 years experience, that this verrryy arrogant,condescending. know it all, abusive sneaky, rude perverted, s**t head, should come with a warning label and public service announcement so that women can avoid his insane a*s.! He needs help and spends almost all day online looking for 100’s of women to take advantage of and get s*x from if he can fool them.. He is into strange sexual practices that I won’t even mention here. He likes to start the conversation off by showing his nasty p***s with a bump on it that looks like herpes! I’m not sure what the bump is? The b*****d also never uses condoms and is proud to admit that off the bat! Don’t look in his direction if you see him. because He’s not looking for anything serious. He just wants to play online sexual stalk games and instigate drama with you. I dated him for 3 years, but he told people that he only knew me 2 months once I confronted him with all his lies he tells about other women! He will say he loves you just to get you to have s*x with him and then disappear once all his lies surface then he’ll twist his lies to make it seem like its your fault.This sociopath can’t love anyone but himself and thinks no one is smarter than him. HE’s also dirty and never seems to brush his teeth or take showers that last more than 3 minutes! To top it off, he makes up fantasies about dating or being in a serious relationship with women he calls “,models” or exceptional beauties who pose for fetish mags that he’s only met once or never met at all! which is creepy. I asked a few women who he claimed he had a relationship with and they all denied ever having a relationship with him! Come to find out he just stalked them without them knowing it! This guy is scary and obviously a stalker who targets certain women and makes up fantasies about having had them in bed or as a girlfriend. HE likes to instigate fights or runs off whenever he is confronted with the lies he tells about the so called “models or actresses” he brags about! Don’t let his innocent scholar act fool you either, he leads a double life!. It took me a while to realize he was this way because he looks shy and seems nice, but after you REALLY get to know him, his lies and secret perverted online stalking and activities gravitate to the surface. This accomplished sociopath is the real thing, he is good at making you trust him! Because he’s no dummy and wants to manipulate as many women as possible and then will turn around and play the victim! smh don’t deal with this manipulative shady stalker!


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