Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams also known as YAHNI is a liar ,a cheater ,a manipulating piece of s**t.He got married seven months ago and from the very beginning all he’s done to and on his wife is cheat on her.He meets women from the Columbus area in line and hooks up with them for s*x ,,he has no money he uses women to get some of the things he needs,he’s gold his wife he’s a player and he enjoys sleeping around and when the wife left him he posted a drunk pic of her on Facebook to trybto humiliate her..hes cruel heartless and evil..his mother has booked him up with a girl from her church who dosent even know how evil and nasty this man is and his mother thinks it’s’s a sad situation anyone who deliberately trys to hurt his wife deserves all the exposer he should get..he’s awful comes off sweet as pie but is a snake..


One thought on “Jonathan Williams

  1. This man Jonathan Williams aka YAHNI lives in Columbus Ohio be meets women on fb he meets all of them and uses them he’s married he eats everyone out Bea not loyal to Noone check him out on Facebook Columbus ohio

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