Jon Verdun, – Cheater

He cheated on me while I was in surgery. He told me he was going out of town to visit his uncle when he really flew another woman to town to spend the week with her while I was out of commission. That’s just one of his many lies. He’s also an alcoholic who is currently drinking. He will tell you that he isn’t seeing anyone else when he really is sleeping with multiple women at the same time. One is not enough for him.





2 thoughts on “Jon Verdun, – Cheater

  1. Evelyn Atchley of Boise Idaho. I am sorry you feel scorned by the fact that I chose not to be with you in the end. Your vindictiveness and cruel spirit are apparent. Anyone who chooses to date this woman, I would caution otherwise.

    1. Jon.

      You can’t love crazy. I learned that with Shara. lol

      Stay strong as they will throw s**t when you can’t love them.


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