Jon swearingen la Quinta Bermuda dunes Indian wells California

I was in a relationship with this guy for about 8 years only to find out he had been in another relationship at the same time with another girl for half that time. He gave me an STD which means he cheated more than once since I get tested yearly. Recently one of his current girlfriends hit me up on Facebook telling me he had been cheating on her and wanted to know details from OUR relationship. Nothing but pure drama! This guy will never change. One time we broke up because I caught him texting a girl he had in his phone under “big t*t s**t” and another under “best b******b”. He seems normal at first and knows how to charm you and LIE but don’t be fooled! He will lie until you catch him red-handed and unfortunately for me I believed the lies for 8 years!! Please don’t waste precious time like I did. I had to move across the country to finally get rid of him.


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  1. I dated him for 10 years. From 2002-February 2013. He was abusive for the majority of our relationship and always accused me of cheating. He got arrested for felony battery and domestic violence in December 2006 when my neighbors called the cops on him. But mommy got him out of it, as always. I found out about one other woman he was seeing for at least 2 years. She found out about me and came to my house one day. Someone told me about one of these cheater sites and I found him on at least a half a dozen other ones. Avoid this douche like the plague.

    1. Well “anonymous” I however am I lawyer here in CA as well as a former DA here in CA. I have immediately found some holes in your comment. Nobodies “mommy” or “daddy” can get them out of any domestic violence charge. Nor can the victim or the accused attacker. That’s not how the law works. The law states it is not up to the parties involved or the cops. It is mandated by the state who is represented by the DA. Therefore the DA/ state prosecutes no matter what. With or without anyone’s cooperation. So if this guy or anyone else got out of a DV charge its because the DA dropped the case or dismissed it. You obviously are an upset ex, you should raise yourself to better standards than this type of behavior.

    1. Before I met Jonathan I was relatively normal. I had a few issues but nothing like I was after spending 10 years with him. After I left him I had a nervous breakdown, was suicidal, and couldn’t make it through the day without taking drugs to forget what I went through with him. I’ve managed to get myself better and I’m a completely different person today. But if you want to keep your sanity, STAY AWAY FROM HIM!

      1. Is this the same guy that lives in the springs in Rancho mirage? I’ve been seeing him and I’m trying to find out if this is true? If it is, he’s a good liar. Please someone help

        1. It’s the same guy. He’s no good. He will never see you every night because he’s got so many others he is lying about. He will even see you and then have a late night booty call with someone else. There’s another link on this site and a ton of others from years ago if you want to know what kind of guy he is. He says he’s with his mom and sisters when he’s really with other women. I’ve found out about many others he lies to my face. I’ll save you some time and let you know he’s terrible in bed and you will never be his only one. Look at these girls who spent so much of their lives believing this douche.

  2. Wow why don’t all you bitter, lonely pathetic loosers get a life . Ten years is a long time to hold resentments about being DUMMEP!!!!! get over it YOU ARE A “THING OF THE PAST??????????????!!

    It’s no wonder you you were dumped on you A*s the only problem he should of done it sooner.

    1. No one got dumped except for this guys loser a*s. He’s a total douche and a pathological liar. I couldn’t wait to get away from him for years but he would constantly stalk me and show up at my house in a violent rage threatening me. I was scared of him. Thank G*d for sites like this where women can be warned about douchebags like him and not have to go through what many of us have gone through. He wishes he dumped people and I’m sure that’s just another one of his stories he tells. Unless you’re with him 24 hours a day and check his phone you should never trust this s**t bag. The second he leave you he goes to another girl and has tons of girls texting. He has to make up stories because he’s always with someone else when he’s not with you.

    2. You sound stupid. You’re defending your brother who was violent with me and many others and is a pathological liar and scum. Still the same as you were 10 years ago. Yuck!

      1. what’s your real name so we can verify all this stuff “anonymous”. I do know this guy and its weird that all these posts and replies about him on the net basically say the same things and even words. Did someone get angry and get happy fingers

      2. my name is Alexxus Kusturiss and I was dumped by Jon many years ago. I am a thief, a drug addict and liar. Many years after being dumped I choose to spend my time on these types of websites and thought I would trash Jon’s reputation years after the fact. Sorry

        1. The following comments are written by Jon swearingen on this post: “Shelly” “?” “Brook baxely” “alexxus kusturiss” “facts” and no Jon swearingen you are NOT “a lawyer”. You keep wanting peoples real name but you have failed to put your real name and have made at least a dozen comments pretending to be someone else. Maybe you should have been a better person and all these people wouldn’t have exposed you.

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