Johnny Mac Farley. Hendersonville. Tennessee. United States

Johnny likes to marry single women with children and then emotionally, mentally and physically abuse them. After that, he likes to then find girlfriends on Facebook and other dating sites. All the time he claims to be a Christian and even pretends to be a Godly man to women he is trying to cheat with. He lived in his wife’s home, all the while he was telling her he loved her and, of course, being intimate with her. Only to find out that he was trying to get with two of his ex-girlfriends and indeed had been with them multiple times.

He lied to them and said he wasn’t seeing anyone and he was single. He slept with the other women multiple times, and even brought them into the home that he and his wife shared together.

Watch out ladies, this one will not only abuse you, he’ll emotionally abuse your children to. He told other women that his wife’s children were “horrible kids” and he “hated them” – they were 6 and 10 year old little girls. What a sick man….

Oh, he’ll also use you for s*x cause he doesn’t care who he is with as long as he can get physical with them.



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