John Sutton, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

John Sutton is a dishonest, lying, selfish manwhore who uses women for s*x. He is good at making a woman believe she is wanted, because he will always come back and want to spend time ‘hanging out’, but it’s only when he really wants to get laid after he has secretly had his p**n fix, or done with the various s*x chat site forums he visits daily. He does not care about a woman’s feelings or the fact he is using her, he just wants to have his cake and eat it too. Stay away from John Sutton – he will charm you, chase you, make you fall in love with him, then pretty soon will get bored, pursue multiple fake relationships with other women when you’re not around, sleep with them (he has herpes but won’t admit it) – then leave you feeling empty, ugly and brokenhearted, before trying to come back again. I have learnt my lesson, and as a result will never love or trust another man, again.


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