John Stevens, Carrollton, Missouri

He is a real moody person. You don’t know where you stand with him. When I first dated him it was like he was mad at the world. I went to his apartment one night and got a “**** You, What in the **** Do You Want?” And slammed the door in my face with no explanation. The last time I dated him, it started out great. He was attentive and I really thought he cared. Then as it approached to me moving up where he was at, he dated some **** that one of his friends fixed him up with. And things went from being great to his “friend”. At the very last, he got intimate with me and then he completely shut me out of his life alltogether. I went from being good friend or lover to a so-called stalker. My advice to all women that come in his path is to walk in the opposite direction and not look back. He is not worth the heartache.


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