Joe Fall

Joe is a charmer who preys on women. I know, I was one of them. .. Joe is a Pacific Islander, born in the small island of Yap, Micronesia and resides in the Tacoma- Seattle area. He currently works as an Aircraft maintenance mechanic. Joe loves the white girls but hates the way the American girls act and certainly didn’t mind expressing that during my long relationship with him. Joe has an assault 2 conviction against him for physically hurting me. In the time that I lived with Joe, he broke my nose, he sprained my collarbone. He choked me and as he did, he told me that I was going to die. I almost did! He also gave me numerous cuts and bruises with swelling and would show his sorrow afterwards with coconut oil massages. He threw me out of his truck, locked me out of our house and continually screamed at me in public places. He loved to humiliate me and treat me as is dog. His family speaks chews betel-nut and Joe liked to spit the red juice on my face and hair when angry. I lost many blouses from the red stain.

Joe can’t bend is middle left finger because he sliced the tendon with a machete while threatening to cut my throat. This man is a Monster!! He hides behind the Church but acts anything but Christian once you know him. If you are involved with him, please do a background check and RUN! Also contact the Island County Courthouse on Whidbey Island, WA for transcripts of his assault trial. It’s available to anyone who ask for it and will explain the horror that I had to go through. During the assault trial, Joe promised to change and started going to Church but I found out a year later, that he was having an affair with a fellow Church member while letting me think that he was changing. He ended up hurting her also and called her a liar for speaking out against him when trying to tell me. The Church that tried to help him reform found out the truth like everyone else did eventually.

I finally got away from Joe in September 2013 when he attacked my 27 year old daughter. After that, he refused to let me get my things and trashed my furniture. He also stole personal possessions and left me in debt with payments that he said he would pay. (I have his emails promising me that he would do so and receipts of my payments because he wouldn’t) This man is a piece of $hit and needs to go back to Yap, Micronesia where they treat their women like trash. (look up the documentation of abuse on Yap in an online search.. ).

Joe wants me to forgive him so that he can move on and live in peace but I will never be quiet. I was a victim but I still have a voice. I will not let Joe live comfortably so that he can do it all again to someone else. …By the way, Fall is not this man’s real last name. He is using the name Fall to hide his identity and his background. He also uses the name Joe Fal and Joe Phal. …See what you are in for if you date this creep? Best of luck to you if you do and my condolences if you were.



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  1. Joe likes to dates Nurses. The reason being is due to Joe’s failing health problems which are compounded by cluster headaches, sleep apnea (which requires a sexy face mask.) Joe also has an enlarged heart so his health suffers with dire consequences from his explosive temper which happens frequently- sometimes weekly. Joe needs to visit the VA hospital in Seattle quite often because of his poor health. Any woman who ends up with this vicious snake is going to have the joy of Casino buffets and movie theaters for entertainment because that’s what Joe likes to do. That’s about all Joe can do. Trust me, I know. That’s all we did for 14 years. BORING. Joe really is much older than his years.

    Since leaving Joe, I have LIVED! My lifestyle is one of dancing (every Saturday night) camping, 4 wheeling, boating, kayaking, road trips with classic cars and friends! Friends- I missed having friends with Joe. It was prohibited. I’ve also seen 3 headline concerts and have had a fun first year with a hot new love in a brand new marriage. The best day of my life was the day I left this zero (9/2014) who’s legal name is really Joe Phal. I don’t miss this crazy foreigner or his nursing home lifestyle or his ridiculous backward cultural ways.

    Go Home Joe. Go Back To Yap. You Don’t Belong Here!

  2. This man’s last name is really Phal. He legally changed it in the early 90s from the name Fal. What he was trying to hide then is unknown. Now he uses the alias name “Fall” because his current last name is tainted by a dishonorable military record and a felony conviction. These are the facts.

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