Both Joanne Teoh Shin Zhu and her boyfriend Kevin Wong Meng Chien are liars and cheaters. They make use of other people’s lives and treat them like toys. He is a good for nothing b*****d while she is a typical s**t and a dirty, roadside w***e.

Kevin Wong Meng Chien butters up girls and make use of them to buy him things. Always with the same excuse of he has got no money, he is living on his own, he has to give his parents money. He will go all pitiful and the girls will give him money. Not like he doesnt have a proper job. He is an aircraft engineer in Strand Aerospace Malaysia. How can he not have money. He has even made victims out of college girls and uses attending church as an excuse to get to know girls. He will throw them aside after the girls tell him they have no more savings and after he has slept with them many times.

Joanne Teoh Shin Zhu is a typical s**t who sells her body like a roadside w***e. She is willing to sleep with anybody just for money. She also does have a proper job, being a Sales personnel in Merck Millipore. She goes out to sell company products and offer her body to clients as well. Therefore it has made her one of the top sales personnel in the company, without the company knowing how she gets it done. She also offers sexual favours to her male colleagues to give things to her.

Worse of all, he concludes that she is the best girl he has ever known and she knows how to please him and fulfill all his needs.


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