Jillian Lopez of Chico, California

So this stupid b***h here is a home wrecking w***e. She knowingly f****d another girl’s boyfriend. Not only did she know that the guy was taken she would even ask questions about his girlfriend. Her self esteem is so low she was willing to be a dirty s**t on the side while the guy went home to his girlfriend. Mind you she BARELY knew this guy too and was already agreeing on making foot job videos with him. This dumb b***h is so slutty when the girlfriend found out about her boyfriend cheating with this stupid s**t she took him in. SHE EVEN HAS A SON! However the baby daddy doesn’t want to be with her because she is a slutty c**t who can’t find a man of her own so instead she looks for other women’s boyfriends. Sadly this b***h is a mental health worker too which is sad because she really needs help herself. Develop some self worth you c*nt.


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