Jessie Amber Garman Chehalis Washington

Jessie Amber Garman of Chehalis, Washington is about the worst wife anyone could ever ask for. She has been cheating on her husband Aaron Deforest Bush for years. She lives at 316 SW McFadden Avenue Chehalis, Washington 98532. Jessie takes special pride in sleeping behind her husbands back while he is at work and interfering with and destroying other people’s relationships when given the chance. She is absolutely NOT TO BE TRUSTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Stay away from this woman. She will cause your relationship trouble then steal your man. If you have had sexual contact with her it is best to get yourself checked as she has Herpes.


3 thoughts on “Jessie Amber Garman Chehalis Washington

  1. Google Bo Dana Rupert. He’s who posted this. I have a three year restraining order against him for harassment and stalking. He is currently in jail for the same charge against another women. I hope he can get the mental help he needs and become a productive member of society, instead of wasting tax dollars from welfare and the other state aids he receives to sit on his a*s and make up this sort of bull s**t.

  2. Yeah thats why jessie also has cancer. what an idiot I work for evrything I have got while she f***s around on her husband that works his a*s off

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