Jessica Zimmer, Cookeville, Tennessee

Jessica Zimmer came into my life in September 2015 while I was pregnant with twins due in October 2015. She was the wife of Thomas Festian at the time. My live in boyfriend Jason Porter, who vowed to be my partner for life had them over several times from September through the birth of my twins. After my babies were born they separated and she began hanging out at my house, constantly calling and texting my boyfriend. I told both of them to cease contact. It was apparent that there was something going on between them. Everytime I found a text from her I shared my concern with him regarding their contact. He would get violent and many times out his hands on me. He never paid one bill in my home. I am a single mother with 4 children living at home. He promised to help me once he paid his debt off. I survived on the child support I received for my older children. He would rage on me assaulting me and destroyed my home on numerous occasions shoving into a window breaking it and repeatedly slamming my back into a wall cracking the drywall. He had been on house arrest for 4 months and two weeks ago when he got off house arrest he stayed out very late every night. I complained about it and we got into an argument he then walked around the bed and slammed my head into my headboard and head butted me. He is an ex con and spent 5 years in the penitentiary for selling cocaine. He claimed he had changed and did not use or sell drugs any longer but it turns out he was selling cocaine behind my back. Jessica’s parents own a radio station in Cooleville under Zimmer Broadcasting. From the time she left her husband until she slept with my boyfriend she slot with 3 different men all of whom were friends of my boyfriend. I know that he left me for her because her family has money and as an ex con loser he thinks it will advance his career as a car salesman at Cookeville Honda. She was calling her ex husband and telling him everything she was doing. He then had the respect to call me and drop the bomb. I waited at his job for him to get off work. And sure enough she pulled up and got into her car. I threw all of his clothing onto my porch and changed the locks. I spoke to his father, her mother and one of the men she slept with and confirmed that they had been together every night that week even getting a hotel room. She has an addiction problem with prescription pills. He has an addiction to cocaine. They are both spineless sociopathic losers and I cannot wait until they crash and burn. She has a prenuptial with her ex and has broken it. He is a felon on probation selling drugs and owns several firearms. I will destroy both of their lives as they have mine but I will pick up the pieces and Clive happily ever with a real man that loves and respects me.


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