Jeremy Murray, New Lebanon, Ohio

I met Jeremy Murray on a fetishes dating site June of 14. I first met him in person that August. He seemed perfect, he was so sweet and Autumn and Roy are adorable. We hit it off and I continued to visit him for months. At least once a month if not more. I left my family’s thanksgiving early to be with him for his birthday which fell on Thanksgiving of that year. I met him, his roommate Jacob, and Autumn and Roy at his moms. That weekend we shopped for his decorations for his new tree-he wanted my opinion since he said they also be my decorations eventually. I paid for them because hes financially unstable due to his two child support payments (he has 4 kids total not just the two). I bought presents for him and the kids and was trying to figure out when I could visit for Christmas. He claimed to be going to Maine to visit his dad Dec 23rd through Jan 6th. When really, he was home and had another girlfriend over with her daughter for Christmas. She was friends with him on Facebook and posted pictures and videos of them at his mothers on Christmas. His daughter Autumn, outed him about the other girlfriend when I was driving her and Roy to a restaurant to meet Jeremy. I confronted him, and I hadn’t seen the other women s Facebook and he explained that yes, it was as Autumn said and Terra did sleep in his bed with him but nothing happened as they were just friends. He also informed me that his friend Emily had stayed Tues Wednesday and Thursday of this past week (I saw him just this past weekend and Autumn told me then) that she did also slept with him. But he said Emily made it clear that she wanted to f**k him but he said he turned her down for me. Watch out ladies. He doesn’t like to use condoms and I’m getting myself tested. DO NOT FALL For any of his bullshit!!!!



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  1. He also cheated on me. When did he go in for molestation and how young were the victims? Do you think he hurt his kids?

        1. He was not. He is in federal jail now for child p*********y. I am one of his victims. He stalked me. He made me send him things as a minor I should not have sent because he threatens my family. He is an all around bad guy. He was in county for criminal menacing that charge was brought on by me. Due to him I have PTSD and had to change jobs. If he ever gets out I hope I never run into him again.
          I changed my name for security reasons

  2. I’m Jeremy’s friend. I am not here to argue about the cheating, but the legal charges. The charges you ladies mentioned, how did you find out the nature of them? Was it in the newspaper? Word of mouth? Those are very serious allegations, and I am wondering the source and seeking information.


    1. How are you getting so much information about him? Do you think there are other victims because I am suspicious avouty daughter.

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