Jennifer Dejulio Bowland

Sexual Predator

This woman is a sexual predator. She had multiple affairs with different men. At the same time. She seems to gravitate towards married and attached men, she thinks that she has way more to offer then the wives or partners.

She had married men pay for her meals, drinks, rent, bills in exchange for sexual favors.
She uses her personal vehicle to have encounters of this kind. The same vehicle she uses to transport her children to school. Gross.

She befriended men and seduced them into thinking the only one. She asks this men to leave their kids and wives to be with her, “just because we met at the wrong time, should we give up being happy”, she compliments the men with same compliments, ” I feels sorry for the man I will be with next, you’re the nest I have ever had”, she got caught a couple of times, but when confronted, she says ” I don’t want your man”, however she continues to email, call, stalk and tries to persuade the men “she does not want”.

She is a desperate woman that will leach of of anyone willing to give her some attention.
Be aware, she is a dirty skunk and will ruin you and your relationships.

She is also well known in the bars of Modesto and neighboring suburbs as an easy lay and a drunk.

If you do a Google name search for her, you can find some interesting stories.

She goes by different names, Jennifer Dejulio, Jennifer Wynn Dejulio, Jennifer De Julio, Jennifer Bowland, Genevieve Dejulio

And more.

I found this 2 comments online. Though I would share. Who is this Jenn? Does she get paid for her sexual favors?

All this talk about Jenn got me wondering. So I finally hooked up with her. Now I see why she is a little home wrecker. She has serious skills! Honed from years of practice no doubt. Ladies, if you don’t want some b***h taking what’s yours you better get busy. Bang your man out right! Or else someone like juicy Jenn will. Peace!

re:Jennifer dejulio Confession time. Yes- I hooked up with her.  She gives good head and swallows. She is kinda of a lazy f**k. She was drunk as h**l and passed out on me. Her c**t stank. I wanted to return the favor, after she gave me head, I was put off by the heat rash around her thighs and p***y and the nasty smell of her c**t. She was an easy lay and after reading all the info posted I am going to get tested for STD’S- probably will regret laying her even more if she got me infected. I am really p****d at myself.

This is so great. I am glad she got exposed. Sometimes whores need to get caught and put in their place. Nasty, horrible human being. I am one of the wives. I’m from out of state. She makes me sick. Plays the victim. Damsel in distress. Slag! C**t!From

This woman is a poor excuse for a human being.Not only she had an affair with my husband but she was seeing other married and attached men at the same time. She has invaded my marital privacy in a way I am ashamed to name. She knows what she did and only a sick and twisted person would do that. She has ashamed her family and her friends would have nothing to do with her. She cheated on her husband and her children, she is well known in the Modesto bars, for being a drunk and an easy lay. Nasty and disgusting human being. Shame!


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