Jenifer Canter, Los Angeles, California

Jenifer canter was hooking up with another dude before she and her boyfriend James broke-up. she uses men for money and s*x and cant be trusted. RUN from this w***e a*s fast as you can RUN RUN RUN RUN!!



2 thoughts on “Jenifer Canter, Los Angeles, California

  1. Fake as they come and obvious. Don’t try being nice to this game playing evil b***h… She will try every trick they teach in acting SAAG and it’s actually pretty funny if you go along with it for a bit.

  2. I recently met Mrs. Canter and dated her for a short time. I could tell right away that she had a lot of stress and a lot of things in her life that were not her fault but the fault of the people that were responsible for loving her and raising her. It’s a shame that she is Wells many others don’t get the necessary tools and lessons in life to make better choices one hundred percent of the time. Human doings are learned behaviors especially the negative behaviors. I think Miss Canter is an amazing person and hasn’t had the opportunity to truly be loved yet which is a shame. Knowing how to truly love some is a learned behavior and takes time to perfect, and none of us ever get to perfection. I’ve made many bad choices my life I remember some I had not noticed before every day now in reflection. I understand the different directions That she is constantly pulled in and how hard it is to do anything. But I know she will someday figure out stop hurting others but first she’ll have to stop hurting herself and quit allowing hurt to continue to her. Life is hard and I was hurt by Jenifer but not bad since I understand what’s going on and I wasn’t a saint either. I wish her the strength and happiness she deserves. Thank you Jen – for everything love.
    I’m sorry also.

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