Jeffery Alan Mcknight Nashiville, TN United States

Ladies if you see this man Jeffery Alan Mcknight coming run in the other direction. He will try to ruin your life. He was all nice to my sister in the beginning begging her to move in with him after only six weeks. I told her not to do it. I knew something wasn’t right. But that’s his game. He will get you to move in with him. He will make up excuses why he can’t move in with you or you two can’t get a place together. He will move you in and use you and then try to kick you out immediately on the streets once he is tired of you. He has done this numerous times to numerous people. Not once not twice not three times. He will promise you pipe (pipefitter knows all about pipes) dreams about getting married, but he has no intention of getting married. The n***a has two kids by two different women probably will be adding more before it’s all said and done. If he didn’t care enough about his own kids to try and keep them out of a broken home what makes you think he will stay with you. He won’t. And if you’re dating him please get on birth control and use condoms every time. He never uses condoms and when you get pregnant he will say that you did it on purpose. He tells everyone his daughter’s baby mama got him drunk and purposely got herself pregnant. Really? He is verbally and mentally abusive and he will get physical. It won’t take long to see his short temper. He has done the same thing in all his relationships. But he will tell you the woman is crazy. This man is such a punk he will call the police on you even when you have done nothing wrong. He is not beneath lying. He is a pathological liar. My sister threw cold water on him (he threw water on her too), and he told everyone she threw hot water on him. G*d don’t like ugly. He will lie and say you hit him. I know it seems crazy, but if you do not play along with his sick ego boosting game he will tell any and all lies to make himself look like the victim. My sister never hit him. G*d is her witness. The devil is his. The devil is a liar and a deceiver just like Jeffery Alan Mcknight. You lie to and on everyone. If a man posts more selfies than you something is wrong. What real man says they are a hot commodity. Lmao. He thinks because two dozen people liked his jacked up hair cut he thinks he is G*d’s gift or maybe deep down he really knows who and what he is so he probably has low self esteem. The first thing he will do is degrade you like a first grader and start calling you names. He will talk about your family. If you respond to his insults by talking about him he will always blame you. He can dish it, but he can’t take it. He never admits when he is wrong. He never apologizes. He is an a*****e. I told my sister to leave. I don’t know why she put up with the nonsense. I do know. She fell in love with his kids. She cared for and took care of those kids emotionally and financially like they were hers. He used the kids as pawns. Whenever he would get mad at her he would demand the kids not talk to her. What grown person uses kids like this.I am so glad my sister got away from him. Because with all the lies he told I wouldn’t be surprised if he would lie and say she id something to the kids. I wouldn’t be surprised if he lied about that to. This man can’t be trusted. He will lie on you and when he breaks up with you he will do anything to hurt you. He likes to look like he is father of the year. How many numerous countless women has he had around his kids? How many women have lived with him and his kids? She wasn’t even attracted to him. She said he had a little tool and her p***y would dry up when they had s*x because he was such a douchebag she wasn’t emotionally connected to him. I could tell she was miserable. She has never been the best at picking men. But this n****s was/IS the worst. He talks bad about all his exes, but he never admits to all the s**t with him. He’s cheated in all his relationships. He admitted to my sister that he had s*x with his son’s mother while his daughter’s mother was pregnant and in the car waiting for him. He will pretend that he is a man of G*d, but there is nothing Godly about him. While he is cheating and lying on you he will have everyone believing you are the problem. Telling everyone that you are jealous and crazy. He will constantly put you down and try to make you feel bad about yourself. He was just talking about how his ex Denisha mad at him because he don’t want her and she’s not good enough for him (she is beneath him – his words). He says all his exes (including both his baby mamas) are down here and he is up here. N***a you are a pipefitter. Most of your exes including my sister got brand new cars and houses and you still in the same raggedy apartment you been in for 6 years. And to your mother (so called Christian) who told my sister her son ain’t met a wife yet Jocasta you ain’t raise a husband you raised a baby daddy (not even fit to be anyone’s boyfriend) who is an emotionally backwards arrogant a*****e and an evil son of a b***h. I watched your son bully my sister. I have watched him be emotionally manipulative to everyone around him. And ladies if you know this man do not tell him any of your secrets. He will only use them against you when he gets mad and tell everyone everything you ever told him in private. I don’t know why his daugther’s mother is always telling him stuff like he is your friend. This n***a talks about you like a dog saying you are a horrible mother and your parents are the ones raising your daughter because all you do is run the streets. He is telling everyone you are a lesbian, some dude put a gun to your head. He tells all your business. He tells his family business too. Who couldn’t pay their mortgage? Who got a permanent STD (you know the one with no cure)? Who talks to their wife sideways and treats her like a dog? And we wonder where you get it from. He spent months talking about how he didn’t want to go to his own sister’s wedding. Even said he wasn’t going. So if he didn’t go it was because he never wanted to go all along. He got money for tricking, but he complain about spending money for such a significant event. What a selfish douchebag. You don’t care about anyone but yourself. He talks about everyone. Especially the people that love and support him They sitting up there defending him, and he talks about them like a dog too. I will let you find out for yourself. Because if he could do what he did to my sister have her arrested, homeless (over what exactly) after she did all that she did for him and his kids he will not be loyal to anyone. My sister probably brought the underwear you got on right now. Because you didn’t have anything when she met you. I don’t see how a person with nothing but hand me downs and Good Will bought stuff can think they are better than anyone. I will let you find out for yourself. I only wished someone would have warned my sister or my family of Jeffery Alan Mcknight the devil’s seed. Jeffery Alan Mcknight you will reap what you sew. You wonder why bad things happen to you. That’s why all of this year your wages were garnished. You wonder why you have bad credit and you can’t progress in life because you are a f****d up individual who lies and cheats his way through life. He has the nerve to have a natural hair and soul group on Facebook posting pictures of black love. What a fraud. I don’t know if you have some frontal lobe damage from football that makes you the way that you are. I would hate to think someone is f****d up like that for no reason. Beware this man is evil and messy. Do not intwertwine your life with his. He will bring you down because he is not capable of lifting anyone up. He will try to steal your stuff because he can’t afford to buy his own. Don’t send him any pictures ever. He posts pictures of his exes on revenge sites. He stole my sister’s camera and claims he doesn’t have it just to keep her pictures. What a low life.


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