Jeff Syder “Ronin”

This man is 51, he will disguise his age and even lie about it. He likes his girls half his age and he’ll talk you into trusting everything he says. He’ll claim to be a Marine who joined the Seals and then was forced out for “not following orders and killing people”. He’ll claim that because of his “pristine” record, they erased him from the records and he can never claim having been in the service, but that he became a freelance mercenary afterwards. He’ll tell you he was shot in the back, the pelivis and the thigh. In actuality, he got all the scars in bar fights. He bartends and bounces and has rarely done anything more accomplishing in his life. I was promised religiously that he “never lies, never cheats, and trusts everyone”. He held the same mantra when I found him in bed with another naked woman. Don’t give this one a second look because he’ll convince you he’s your soul mate and you have no other options. He’ll isolate you from everyone in your life, guilt you when you can’t pay for him or buy him things, and convince you that you can’t live without him. If he crosses your path, abort mission, turn the other way and RUN!!


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