Jeff Rean, Brockville, Ontario, Canada

This piece of s**t right here is Jeff Rean. He’s currently a police officer in the city of Brockville, Ontario. Frankly, I don’t understand how he’s a cop when it’s clear he has some underlying psychological issues. He feels the need to take advantage of and prey on young women(18-25). Older girls, fine. But younger ones? Somebody is going though a midlife crisis. It must be his receding hairline or his little d**k that is causing that. But with that gun of his, I’m sure he feels all big and powerful. Just not when he looks in his pants, of course.
This whack job will manipulate you and make you feel bad for him, guilt trip you, you name it. He threatens suicide if he doesn’t get his way. He thrives off of attention, gets off on using girls but that will only fill the hole that’s within him, temporarily. He won’t ever truly fill that gap. He’s just a miserable, empty pig. Not only does he lack a conscience but he lacks respect and morals, for himself and those around him. He’s slept with a young girl while on the job(waste of money for taxpayers, If I do say so myself). I would be ashamed to have him as my co-worker, he does NOT set a good example for police officers.

For an almost 40 year old, he acts as if he’s a raging hormonal 16 year old girl.

Ladies, beware of this psycho.
Unless you’re into men with daddy issues.


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