Jean Geer Wilmington, NC

This b***h wasted a year of my time telling me she wanted to marry me and making me believe we had a future, then blocked me on Facebook and texted me that she was done with the relationship and not to contact her in any way. Kicked me to the curb like I wasn’t s**t. So her fat a*s is being put on blast.


5 thoughts on “Jean Geer Wilmington, NC

  1. Stupid b***h gave me chlamydia and gonnarhea. She is a lying cheating dishonest horror. I also caught her having s*x with the neighbor.

    1. Seriously??? Wow she really is a horrible, nasty cheating s**t!!! These b*****s be portraying themselves on Facebook like they’re worth more than gold when in reality they come a dime a dozen…. It’s so easy to make your life look so glamorous on social media…. Hey bro, good thing you found out this s**t before it was too late and you had a burning sensation between your legs!!! Hey North Carolina, JEAN GEER IS A HO!!!

    2. She’s also had 3 abortions…. she told me that originally she had 3 miscarriages… she’s a pathological liar…. I hope she reads this one day and finds herself a conscience…. she also takes medications for mental illness which she definitely has…. any man or woman because she’s a closet bisexual too that ever runs into this woman… run away and run fast and far!!!

  2. This is what they have on Google when you search her name…. Also on her Facebook page she doesn’t go by Jean Geer, she goes by Jean Elizabeth

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