Jason Toma Waterford Twp Michigan

This is Jason Toma. I Dated Jason Toma for 2 years. I always knew something was not right with him, but he had me under a trance. Some type of hypnotic love spell that I just couldnt seem to shake. I thought he was my one and only, but come to find out, he was only a “PSYCHOPATH.” He love bombed me. During the course of our two year relationship he constantly provoked me to act in crazy ways, by instigating me and provoking jealousy from me. He constantly belittled me and was spiteful towards me. Then he would give me a glimpse of that sweet man I fell in love with during our honeymoon stage and I’d forget what my name was. Jason toma became very Emotional abusive and physically abusive on several different occasions.
He would also send me text messages that were worded very very odd. Needless to say I know why he did that NOW. I was recently broken up with by him sending me tons of photos of his “soon to be wife’s ENGAGEMENT RING” followed by him calling me a w***e telling me I was only good to be used for 2 years, and that I would never be worthy of his respect, that im a w***e etc. IRONIC, wouldnt it make you a w***e since you cheated on your fiance and lied to a girl?
Jason also got me pregnant, and convinced me to get an abortion and that we would have a child when the time is right. I got stuck wiht the bill and the heartache. Jason threatened me and then called my mother and father, sent them videos of my performing certain sexual acts on him, so I would stay quiet. He is 38 years old. He also messaged everyone that I knew and that he knew with PHOTOSHOPPED ALTERED CONVERSATIONS he twisted to make it appear as he never talks to me and I was the one stalking him. I have all 2 years of conversations saved, phone calls recorded. He has put my home address and number on prostitution websites along with naked photos, created accounts in my name and dragged my reputation through the mudd.

And he thinks what he did is acceptable? I dont know how this man is able to sleep at night, yet alone walk down the isle of a church. He will burst in a ball of flames.
And his soon to be fiance candice shammami is just as dumb for not questioning his behavior, Since if he was cheating on me with numerous women, it means he was cheating on her as well.

I think this man should get what’s coming to him. You don’t play with someones feelings like that, and think nothing of it. 2 years is a long time to “Forget to mention” you were engaged and getting married. LOSER.


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