Jason Rowel Jefferson Midlothian Texas USA

Jason is a narcissistic sociopath who scams older females out of money. I met him when my house flooded and Rainbow International sent out a Tech—Jason. 35 year old handsome light skinned black man. Drop dead smile… Through Romance, he comes on like a boyfriend… Before you know it, you are picking up all the tabs, buying him clothes, groceries, paying his bills, giving him cash… He will even tell you he loves you every so often.. Especially when he is asking for money but doesn’t want you to accompany him. He was kind, attentive, sweet, loving, etc for about 6 weeks. Then he would cancel a date at the last minute or just not show up or call… But the apologies where thick and sweet. He stood me up on my birthday and I got nothing from him. Then the text responses took a little longer.. Phone calls would be short with an “I’ll call you right back”.. But we did up until the very end communicate in some form daily. Then the s*x slowed down. It was the holiday season and I hoped to spend time with Jason. NOPE… Not a single holiday did we do.. Thanksgiving through St Patrick’s … I was alone… I noticed his visits coincided with his needs.. If he needed something, he made a point to see me… But only long enough to get what he needed. I was never allowed to go to his place, he always came to me.. Turns out he was living with some females while we were dating. I asked him several times throughout if he was sleeping with anyone else… He immediately said NO every tine… Just ME! He was very secretive about his phone… I never made the contact list!! He was scamming me from Day 1. It feel apart when I got nosy and started researching his past. Then I put him on MY cell phone plan, bought him an iPad, nice Bluetooth, and a very nice phone… I noticed lots of the same numbers showing up.. Using social media and phone number look up… Lots more pieces fell into place… He has Baby Mommas all over the country. Out of at least 4-5 kids, he pays child support for one… And b*****s about it… All him Baby Mommas have served time. Turns out, I am the only one who didn’t have a rap-sheet. Some of them still in jail. He has whores in the DFW area as well as around the country… And it all the time looking for “something new to hit”. When I confronted him.. He said “it is what it is, can you let it go?” He has no intention to stop what he is doing, and he told me I shouldn’t have been so nosy. So now, he has all this new technology and I have a huge bill. So now I’m devastated because I fell in love with him, I’m an emotional wreck, I’m hurt deeper than I ever thought possible, broke with huge bills to pay. All he worried about is me staying out of messing with his phone. He is a cold, heartless, lying, cheating , worthless low life pig… A Textbook Narcassist!!


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  1. Hey this his son jordan i know u might feel like this isnt your probrlem or u dont have to help me but i was wondering if u can give me his number or where he os staying because the holidays just went by and ive been looking for him for about four years now n i was wondering if you can give me any information on him like how hes been or how i can find him or contact him. Thank you for your time please email me @thompsonjordan273@gmail.com thank you bye

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