Jason Richard Rochford , denver Colorado

Lying narrsasist. He cheated on me with 3 women I’m aware of. Told me what I wanted 2hear &then blamed me 4 him cheating. He uses women 4money & s*x. He doesn’t see or contact his children &stopped contacting my son who called him dad for 4yrs. He is a liar & good too because I believed him for 4yrs. That he loved me &was going to marry until he became jealous & controlling & that’s because he was f*****g all his customers through his dumbass company PRO PORCELIAN &FIBERGLASS he is a liar & if you believe this ex felon who catches a “buzz” occasionally on METH then you deserve what he Will end up doing to you


3 thoughts on “Jason Richard Rochford , denver Colorado

  1. Jason Rochford Colorado
    Nasty man will ruin you and not think twice believe me ladies tgeres better and ckeaner out there he lies about everything

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