Jason Aubrey Watson/Antonio Ambrose Galinni Knoxville, TN USA

He’s a sociopath that lies constantly about everything. Not only have I caught him with proof, which he denies when i bring it to him, he just doesn’t care. I’ve gotten into contact with at least a half dozen of his exs, all having dealt with the same MO. He uses their money, thousands of dollars, their vehicles for “work”, which he calls bounty hunting, when in actuality he is seeing other chicks on the side. He will also steal items from you and p**n them, but since he’s SO charming, you will more than likely let him p**n the items, but know that you won’t be getting them back. I’m not sure what name he tells everyone, but the two that I have is Antonio Ambrose Galinni and Jason Aubrey Watson. Says he’s from Italy, and has a sob story of his life if you’ve every heard one. He makes out all the chicks he’s dated as being crazy, that he only dated them because he felt bad for them, and they are g*d awful ugly, etc. He had me tricked with his charm, but after I read his txts on his phone, which he deleted afterward and kept deleting everyday along with his call log, he was trading nude pictures with “supposed” exs. Which the lie on one later turned into his work partner’s mom once I texted her asking where he was, then turned into his ex again but that he was doing laundry at her house, all the way on the other side of town from where his office was suppose to be. He goes by a false business, Khimera Fugitive Recovery and says that he’s working for a {REMOVED BY ADMIN} Bail Bonding, that doesn’t exist. Then he said it was Unchained Bail Bonding in Knoxville, which I’ve called and they know nothing of a Zack, Jason, or Khimera. Look him up on dontdatehimgirl.com as Jason Watson. You will need a username and password to search, but it is him that is there. So far I know he has three kids, and married at least once. He will do his best to try to get you pregnant, he tried that one on me, as well as trying to get me to marry him after only being with him a few weeks. Thankfully I didn’t fall for it. Really, he has the charm to knock your socks off so you would never in a million years think that this is him, but believe me, it is. Do a BG check if you can afford it, I did. You will be amazed at what you find. His areas of expertise is Knoxville, Chattanooga, Savannah, Jacksonville, Atlanta. State’s he’s been; NC, TN, TX, possibly more.


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  1. I dated him off & on for the last 13 years. It wasn’t until October of last year when something extreme happened that took me to finally be free of him. Thankfully I haven’t heard anything from him since April !st of this year. Sorry this chick had to experience the BS I grew to expect. Hopefully she won’t be harassed like I was for leaving him. Bit of advice, check your local craigslist under casual encounters to make sure he doesn’t post a s*x ad of you just to humiliate you.

    Facebook aliases: Wing Phon, Mike Hawkins, Burn Gorman, and Renji Abarai

    Easiest way to find his main page is to search under his email address: khimerafugitiverecovery@gmail.com Just don’t believe anything you see or read.

    1. I was notified he has passed away, but of course it came from his own facebook account …I know of you Hannah, he had me send money to your name for glasses that were supposedly broken

  2. Yes Kevin & this is the guy who made those ads as a cruel joke after we broke up. I’m sorry Michele if he hurt you, I’m sure he told you I was his sister or roommate’s girlfirend. He is an abuser/user/loser. Everyone needs to be warned. This man has no scruples.

    1. yeah told me you were his sister ..but had me send the money in your name ?? so I figured you had to be the one to pick it up >???

  3. WTF really I knew dude was sketchy he saying he was a fugitive recovery agent and he work for immigration and help the TBI wtf

    1. I don’t know .just found his mugshot from florida saying he was arrested in june of 2016 for 3 felonies involving domestic abuse …got the message he died in nov …

  4. I’ve known him to fake having cancer at least twice in the 16 years since I have known him…so more than likely it’s bogus.

    1. oh yeah …he had liver cancer and only had a 20% chance of making it …never saw a scar or staples and when I mention why there was no scar thru his stomach tatt , was told he lasered the scar off. he also tells everyone he was in the marines …

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