Jasmyn Marie Burdsall. Bozeman, MT, USA

Infidelity is a harsh truth many will face and more often than not, one should simply forgive, forget, and move on. However, Jasmyn has seemingly taken infidelity to a whole new level. In a way, she is truly an artist, but any admiration she may be deserving is trumped by her lack of consideration for other beings. Jasmyn will undoubtedly manipulate you and anyone in anyway she sees fit to better her life. She apparently has no compassion, and no resentment in destroying the lives of others, if only to live a promiscuous lifestyle alongside the perks of a deep, exclusive relationship, all without judgement or exposed fault.

Jasmyn may be a pathological liar, most likely suffers from a form of personality disorder, and may very well be a psychopath of sorts.

She will probably create a false back story to win you over. This may be a skewed truth or a blatant lie, but you can count on it being invalid nonetheless. She will tell you she was sexually assaulted, beaten, neglected, abused by ex lovers, family, and friends. If you stick around long enough, you’ll find these things to be false on your own, but surely after you’ve already made a fairly large investment. She will create a fantastic image for herself, how she loves the arts, is incredibly intelligent, and how her “rough past” doesn’t hold her down. On first interactions, she truly will seem like a strong, independent woman, making her all the more desirable. She’ll tell you she has never been supported by her family, and that she actually has to support her relatives and parents. She will never tell you how much her family truly cares for her, how many thousands of dollars they pour into her. She won’t tell you because she wants YOUR money. But you won’t feel bad about it, will you? She’s “had a hard time,” right? She’s doing her best, right? No. Do not fall for the trap. Do not offer her any sort of financial aide, gift, or favour. She doesn’t need it, and she will never repay you.

Furthermore, she’s pretty notorious for yelling “RAPE!” when she f***s someone and the wrong person finds out, or if she just wants attention. Aside from being a w***e in the most literal sense, she’s also an attention w***e. She’ll tell you how loyal she is and how horrible her ex boyfriends were, and you’ll get upset that someone could treat such a nice girl like that. Stop right there, because she’s lying. It has now been shown that when she claims she was raped by an individual, a few things may have happened, or a combination of the few. 1) S*x was consensual, but because the guy broke up with her, she wants to get back at him. 2) SHE cheated, but says “it was okay for me to cheat, he raped me!” or 3) She was just hooking up with a guy, cheating on her boyfriend, boyfriend finds out, gets mad, she says she didn’t want it. Again, this has proven to be false. Jasmyn has proven to be a blatant, pathological, disgusting liar on all fronts. Do not believe a word she says, and do not let her close to you, because she WILL ruin your life, possibly have the police come after you, and worst-case scenario, get you arrested for false charges. Happily though, what few attempts she has made in the “pursuit of justice” have been met with a stern “You have zero f*****g evidence and your story makes no f*****g sense” from officials. A glorious day it is when even the law sees someone’s bullshit! However, don’t count on yourself being this lucky.

So, we’ve established that Jasmyn will lie to you about literally anything. Even small things. Anything that comes out of her mouth has a high chance of being a lie. Again, if you decide to spend a significant amount of time close to her, you will discover this on your own, but it will certainly cost you. We have also established that Jasmyn is very “loose” with her body. Due to her incredible lack of self-worth and insecurities, she will seek out any form of attention or quick f**k to make herself feel better. But remember, it’s YOUR fault, not hers!

If she hasn’t established enough guilt in you already at this point, she has many other tricks up her sleeve. She’ll tell you she has depression and anxiety and bipolar disorders. Whether or not this is true, we obviously cannot say, however it is quite likely she has these issues as well as the ones listed above, based on her actions. Since she’s “depressed,” if she’s losing grasp of you, she will tell you she’s going to hurt herself. She will hurt herself. She’s in love with self harm, because it gives you something concrete to feel sad about. Poor you! She may take it even further and suggest she’s going to end it all. This is a serious topic that you should never just ignore, and Jasmyn knows that. She knows by saying this all your attention will be hers again and she can do whatever she wants with you.

So, you can probably count on Jasmyn lying to you, stealing your money, cheating on you, making you lose sleep, work, and or classes for her “desperate needs!” And if you don’t adhere to all this she may go crying to law enforcement with bogus charges. But hey, if you’re careful (as you should be) and keep a record of everything she’s said and done for MONTHS, we can all join and laugh at the charges we’re supposedly facing, as our big evidence bag outweighs her crying wolf ten fold.

Jasmyn is truly a disgusting person. I keep this post in a third person tone for I am not the only one she has affected. She can destroy your reputation. She may go as far to destroy your life. She may steal some money from you, she may steal thousands. She may sick the police on you. She may blame you over and over again for her own issues and mistakes. She is toxic and should be avoided at all costs. The only benefit one has by allowing Jasmyn in to their life is to gain some perspective. Depending on your relationship with her though, that may not be worth it.

As an acquaintance, a hookup, or in the early stages of a relationship, Jasmyn may seem like a great girl, or just a good person to be around at times. This is harmless. It’s when you get close and vulnerable and invested that she may strike. As such, she is indeed a master of her craft, and no sane person will believe this with knowing very little about Jasmyn. It is an unfortunate truth, however by releasing this information I hope I can convince if only one person to step away and save them self. Because no matter what you do, her wrath will become evident, and you may get hurt in some way. It will take months for most to see this. If you’re in a vulnerable state, just got out of a relationship, are insecure, she may take advantage of you even stronger and it will take longer for you to realize it. She will never stop praying on men. We can only hope that karma reigns true some day, and that her lies eventually stop getting her places.

In my short time with her she slept with an approximate 7 other men, stole well over $4,000 from me one way or another, cost me my job and my home, and most importantly, my reputation. All because I caught on to her lies and deceit and decided to leave her.

She doesn’t care about you. You are just a tool to her. Get out now. And if by some chance you have read this and have some sort of interaction with her, don’t say you weren’t warned. I certainly wish I was.


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  1. If she has an untreated mental illness, how can you possibly expect her to make rational decisions? If you date the mentally ill, don’t expect a healthy relationship.

    Your paragraph is long and repetitive; try summarizing.

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