Janelle Rice-Bradford, Greer, South Carolina

Janelle Rice-Bradford and Pastor James Nesbitt have been having an affair for over 5 years. This fact is irrelevant in the scheme of things, because due to a lapse in judgment on my part, I contracted an STD from Ms. Bradford in November of 2012. It’s not AIDS or HIV, but still there is no cure so yes, I’m a little bitter wouldn’t you be? I have no knowledge of whether the pastor, and I use this term loosely, is fortunate enough to have this gift that keeps on giving let me make that clear. I assume since Janelle revealed they in fact have unprotected s*x and she, for reasons unfathomable to me, does not take medication as a preventive tool and she lit me up in such a brief period of time…in the span of 5 yrs only a Christmas miracle could keep him from not having it. Though she had ample time to inform me of her condition before our “friendship” became intimate, by the time she did make me aware of her situation it was far too late. Set aside the fact that Mr. Nesbitt physically assaulted Janelle after learning she and I had became sexually involved, I guess my being a woman was more than his male ego could bear, after learning his true identity, by mistake at that, it was just hard to imagine how these two people thought I was just going to let all that’s been said and done slide when my life has been so drastically affected. After all, I never desired a relationship with this woman, because truthfully she is easy like Sunday morning, and unlike James, I know you can’t make a ho a housewife; I was just doing what I do, and got caught slipping. Everybody got their something. However, when someone showed me a “Like” status that was posted and suddenly un-posted, I knew then what “I’m happy” meant, and so I decide to spill the tea as they say in the Queen city. I’ve saved every text msg, email, and voicemail so trust and believe Her, Me, She ain’t even worried about who does or does not believe #SouthernExposure


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