James Ordway, Otisville, New York

It has been two years since we’ve broken up, but he has cheated not only on myself, but three other women as well. He cheated on me by first lying to a girl that I knew for over month before he left me for her. He then is on his way to Atlantic City for her birthday weekend, but breaks up with me by text message. She had no clue about the two of us and when we broke up. We both cornered him a month later. He is now in a new relationship. I don’t know if he cheated don her or not. He was dating and fooling around behind my back for months with a girl and probably others as well. I’m putting this out there because if he has cheated on her and other women see this, then they can end it with him so this young lady doesn’t get hurt. No one deserves to be cheated on!



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